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My name is Charles Ball. I was raised in the Rising Station community near Rickwood Field. I Attended Princeton Elementary School. I graduated from Glenn High School. I am a son of this city, and I am here today to declare my candidacy for the District Five seat on the Birmingham City Council. I am running for City Council because we must change the way we do business in Birmingham. Our citizens and business community deserve a City Council that works for them, that respects them and is untainted by ethical issues. Birmingham’s city government has become disconnected from the people it is sworn to serve.


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Why I am running...

I will press to:

  • Change how we retain and attract businesses and create jobs.
  • Change our schools.
  • Change the relationship between our police and the community.

As a member of the City Council, I will bring more openness to city government. We will conduct the people’s business in a manner that they can easily observe and have meaningful input into.

I have spent the last 25 years of my professional life helping communities become better places to work and live. I would do bring all of that experience to the City Council.

Birmingham’s public schools need dramatic improvement. As a member of the Council, I will work with the School Board, teachers, parents and citizens to create the schools our children will need for the 21st Century economy. One failing school is one failing school too many. Building and strengthening bonds between the Birmingham Police and the citizens will also be a priority. I will work to help reinforce and expand the community policing efforts already underway.

Birmingham is my home, and I owe much to her. As a member of the City Council, I will work with my fellow members of the Council, business, civic and religious leaders to find ways to make the city better. I will do this while donating my entire City Council salary to well-established local charities.